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World leaders in developing natural products, Sibelius Natural Products are a UK based company developing branded scientifically evidenced and clinically validated natural ingredients for human health.

Natural ingredients can make a great contribution towards healthy ageing and Sibelius seeks to demonstrate the clinical benefits that botanicals can offer.

Our global mission is to increase people’s health-span and wellbeing by unlocking the potential of natural products and developing branded, scientifically evidenced, and clinically proven natural ingredients for healthy ageing.


Our belief is that collaboration can be a fruitful way to develop more effective products and bring them to market successfully. Sibelius Natural Products has partnered with the Australian brand Essential Nutrition to offer innovative natural products, backed up by solid science. 

Essential Nutrition focuses on clinically trialled doses of key ingredients so consumers get a therapeutically reliable daily dose of the ingredients they need. There are beneficial synergies from focusing on natural ingredients, proven by science for their novel functional effects, to explore how they best meet real market needs.

Essential Nutrition's expertise in product development, combined with Sibelius' cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise make a real difference through targeted new products.

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